Blog / Final Archstone

I’m totally out of these. I think. Continued from part two.

Oh good, I did have an airboat joke last time
  • CHLAMIDIOT: Minion cannot be killed on its first turn after being placed
  • REMEMBER SPACEBOT: Select a card from your opponent’s hand that they will never be allowed to play nor discard
  • RODNEY’S PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Select the cards your opponent will play next turn
  • BOOM BUMPER: Hero gains 2 health after attacking their own minions
  • JUST IGNORE IT, IT’S NON-DIAGETIC: Minion cannot be targeted by enemy hero abilities
  • ET ME, BUDDY: After a friendly minion attacks an enemy minion, deal 1 damage to that enemy minion
  • YOU WIN SNAKE KNOWING: Kill any serpent on the board
  • NINETY DOLLAR MANICURE: Cast Divine Shield on a friendly minion
  • WHY ARE YOU STILL GOING HA: After receiving three hits on your hero, deal half the total damage to the enemy hero
  • SUPPRESSING FIRE EXTINGUISHER: Silence all enemy minions
  • RANDY GAVE ME A BIBLE LESSON: Remove any one friendly and one enemy minion from the board
  • HE’S BUTTONLESS: Grant any friendly minion Stealth