On Criticism

A critic’s job is not to reflect the public opinion, but to inform it.

Art may be judged by how well it achieves what it sets out to do.

Ratings should be meaningful and distinct. The difference between each rank of the rating system should be obvious to the reviewer and the reader.

Using Premium Verizon CDN to run React's BrowserRouter

I use Microsoft Azure to host all my sites. This blog, The Villain, and Sara’s Flare are all static sites generated by Hugo. It’s super fast and super cheap. Can’t believe I was paying $10 a month for years. My current monthly bills are like $0.60.

I’m working on a new site built using create-react-app and wanted to use the BrowserRouter component to give the pages a natural URI. Turns out it’s not a big deal.

Three Premium CDN rules in the v4.0 rules editor

Bandits. Simple as that.

As a game developer, there’s nothing I want more than a passionate audience. Seeing Penny Arcade’s evangelical comic about Battle Chasers: Nightwar plucked an envious string in my heart. It’s exactly my kind of game: a turn-based RPG in the classic Final Fantasy style. I picked it up for Nintendo Switch to have something new to play on the bus. These are my first impressions after an hour of gameplay, having never read a Battle Chasers comic.

A spooky-looking vendor wearing deep robes and carrying a lanters says 'THINGS!' as you enter its shop.

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