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I’m not sure when I stopped caring about previews of video games.

Every gamer on Earth wants this. Please don't suck.

I still read reviews and follow the news updates for most games, but I no longer watch a lot of preview videos, most trailers, or in-depth developer commentary. I’m certainly aware of those items, and I’ll glance at one or two to get a sense of whether or not the game’s interesting, but I quickly stop. Then I wait for the reviews and make my purchase judgement at that point.

This is happening with No Man’s Sky. I’ve seen two trailers, read a few news posts, and barring 6/10 review scores I’ll certainly be picking it up.

It’s a new phenomenon, and it’s not something that thrills me. I used to devour PC Gamer magazines cover to cover. Watched everything on YouTube, went to every developer site, lurked in message boards.

But now I don’t care. Just… here. Here’s my $60, make me something nice.