Blog / iPhone tremors

There’s only two times Apple reduces prices on a product: when its successor is near and on Black Friday. That’s it. Unless you’re a student or buying refurbished, you may as well get that $200 out now.

What do I expect from the new iPhone on September 12?

  • It’ll be named “The New iPhone” rather than “iPhone 5”
  • 4G LTE support so Verizon reps can complain about a different missing feature
  • A 4" screen, extended vertically in height but otherwise identical
  • Only a slight change to the exterior to accomodate the new display
  • New processor/graphics chip to handle the increased screen size

An NFC chip would be a shock. Forget about an OLED screen (which I can only read as ol├ęd for some reason). Widgets on the home screen or elsewhere are a pipe dream (hands up, anyone who uses Dashboard on OS X… thought so).

I don’t expect to buy the new iPhone, but I will probably be shelling out some money next month. I bet an Android-toting co-worker ten bucks that Apple wouldn’t release an iPhone with a 4 inch screen this year. Losing that bet is going to sting. Maybe I’ll give him a $10 iTunes gift card instead.