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Quick, what’s the most Apple-like company in the PC space?


No, not Samsung. You’ve been reading too much of The Verge lately. Putting aside rounded rectangles, the company doing the best job emulating Apple’s professional aesthetics is actually Vizio. Well, at least online.

For example, Vizio has three lines of computers, from MacBook Air-alikes to professional models to all-in-ones. They have suspiciously familiar PC trackpads, a tiny box you connect to your TV, and seem to be working on a tablet.

They also make really wide TVs that could, I don’t know, bring the director’s vision directly to your screen. Sound familiar?

It’s doubtful that Vizio would find itself under the boot that Apple’s currently pressing against Samsung’s neck. They use a dark grey color scheme and seem to be good at differienating their products through shape and their edgy logo. Even the website, while fond of the big fonts and puffy language Apple uses, employs stronger colors and has this weird “diagonal red line” motif that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

I know Apple’s on a mission to stamp out the unrepentent cloners, but they should be worried about the companies that seem to be learning on their own.