Blog / Using Premium Verizon CDN to run React's BrowserRouter

I use Microsoft Azure to host all my sites. This blog, The Villain, and Sara’s Flare are all static sites generated by Hugo. It’s super fast and super cheap. Can’t believe I was paying $10 a month for years. My current monthly bills are like $0.60.

I’m working on a new site built using create-react-app and wanted to use the BrowserRouter component to give the pages a natural URI. Turns out it’s not a big deal.

Three Premium CDN rules in the v4.0 rules editor

The image above are all three rules I use to serve this new website. create-react-app puts all static files in the /static/ folder, so I tell the browser to cache that. And I use Azure’s free SSL certificate so I need a redirect for that.


  1. Create a static site on Azure Blob Storage
  2. From that storage resource, create a new endpoint and specify the Premum Verizon CDN
  3. When it’s set up, go to the CDN resource and click the Manage button. That will take you to Verizon’s management interface.
  4. Hover over HTTP Large in the header and select Rules Engine V4.0
  5. Click on the production policy (it’ll have a weird GUID name)
  6. Click Duplicate at the top right to clone it
  7. Add a new rule, give it a description
  8. Click the plus button and select Match
  9. Category > General, Match > Always
  10. Click the indented plus button under General and select Feature
  11. Category > URL, Feature > URL Rewrite

Here are the source and destination rules you should use. Be sure to change the first part to /yourNumber/yourName/. Add any file types you want the user to be able to access in the source regular expression.