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The best lines from the DragonBall Z Abridged movie: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan because my editorial policy is “whatever I feel like” and there are no tracking widgets on this site.

    I love getting inside Vegeta’s head. Goku (in TFS Abridged) has nothing going on, and we spend a lot of time with Piccolo, but Vegeta’s superiority complex is delightful.
  • “Hello, Princess Trunks.” (4:43)
    The whole Princess Trunks thing cracks me up.
  • “First of all, I demand more towers. Second, I demand more towels! And third, I demand more trowels.” (7:06)
    Such great wordplay. And then there’s Broly meekly taunting him from up there.
  • “Uh, no! No no no no. That’s my name. It’s actually pronounced ‘Dah-Di’.” (9:43)
    I’ve been reading too much kink-positive Tumblr to laugh at the Shamoshians, but the bad guy’s name was a nice fakeout.
  • “Who names a planet after themselves?” “A goddamn idiot!” (10:50)
    Goku sets up Vegeta to self-burn. So rare.
  • “Or did you just come to see my new palace? It has six towers. Like a peasant!” (11:35)
    I shudder to think of the palace that would satisfy Vegeta.
  • “My son, the planet, or me?” (14:34)
    The first of many great callbacks to the regular DBZ Abridged series.
  • “Love you too, dad.” (16:20)
    I want more Vegeta and Trunks. Sorry, Princess Trunks.
  • “For you see, Prince Vegeta. You’re not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore.” (18:04)
    Definitely the best line of the movie, calling back to Vegeta taunting Freeza with this phrase. I adore the anguished “noooo” Vegeta emits.
  • “Then why doesn’t he hate me?” (21:08)
    Vegeta would be excellent at CinemaSins. A great exchange between Paragus and Vegeta as they discuss the flaws in the movitations of the antagonists. Just leaning against the fourth wall here.
  • “Gohan! Are you okay? Do you need some juice? Did you get into that school you wanted?” (22:06)
    An earlier (and more hectic) version of the closed captions labelled PICCOLO as GOHAN’S DAD, which is a great way to close the arc. Remember when Piccolo’s catchphrase was “why didn’t you dodge?” Now it’s the distressed cry of an over-protective parent.
    Second best line of the movie. We’ve never seen Vegeta be a fan of anything in the series, have we? He’s all pride and jealousy, but there’s some part of him that actually likes Broly.
  • “He is a literal giant f**king baby!” “So, kind of what you’re being right now?” (23:57)
    Piccolo would be excellent at CinemaSins. Does this happen in regular Dragon Ball Z? Do characters call each other out for their crappy behavior?
  • “Thanks best buddy!” “No.” (26:51)
    Even on the brink of death, Vegeta won’t treat Goku with an ounce of respect. Will Team Four Star give Vegeta the series arc where he kinda sorta starts to care about things? Or will that ruin his character? I can’t tell.

I’m a huge fan of their Dead Zone Abridged movie, but I think Broly is my new favorite. Now for the mess that is Bio Broly, right?