Blog / It's that very special time of year, Greendale

Family Guy sure has changed over the years. Stewie no longer wants to take over the world, Peter isn’t obsessed with television, Meg has gone from a figurative punching bag to a literal one. And Brian, straight man and voice of reason, is now a liberal douche.

Is this how Christians feel watching Ned Flanders on The Simpsons? Seeing your own views espoused, mocked, and twisted is really awkward, though there’s some evidence that Ned might be a fair example. But watching Brian Griffin is painful, and not just when he’s having sex with human women.

I find Community’s Craig Pelton far more enjoyable. He’s taken political correctness past its extreme limits and sometimes bobs back on the other side. It’s possible to identify with a tiny speck of his sincerity while the rest of it blows far past your own values.

It's that very special time of year, Greendale. When your school acknowledges no specialness to this time of year.