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Sometimes I think I was born on the Internet. I remember tweaking settings on my 28.8k modem to improve latency. I remember 56.6k modems and their amazing throughput that let you download an MP3 in the same amount of time it takes to listen to it. I remember being excited for college mainly because of their mythical T1 connection, a blazing pipe of video game demos and Napster.

But images on the Internet always mystified me. How did people go from physical camera to printed picture to scanner to image processor to FTP program to web page? Too many steps! I remember hoarding any pictures I could find (and using them to build an “award-winning” X-Files fan site circa 1997).

Now we have memes and image macros - which anybody can make - but not just anybody can make good ones. So I’d like to toss my hat in the ring. In lieu of the quality journalism and punditry this site is unknown for, I’m going to post some memes I’ve created. You put up with this, and I’ll continue to pretend you exist.

Dark Souls II playthroughs