Blog / Wag the tail

I want to meet the person at Ubisoft who thinks the “tailing” missions in Assassin’s Creed are a good idea. This person must have ignored all the testers complaining the sequences were no fun; all the devs grousing about finding proper concealment spots for the player; all the writers whining that the player can’t focus on the dialog if they have to also keep track of enemy positions, cover spots, and rooftop paths. Er, wait, maybe I don’t.

Is this person the devil? Sorry, Ubisoft isn’t that kind of company. Le diable?

Like this, but not fun.

In between stabbing dudes, piloting my awesome ship, and infiltrating secret hideouts, I also have to do stupid crap like follow a guy really slowly around a city. This wasn’t too terrible in the beginning, but as I hit the 40% mark in story completion it’s starting to get “harder.” Which means things like crocodiles in the water. Entire platoons of goons to avoid. Chase and stab sequences where you blast past dozens of aggro’d mooks.

Sooo frustrating. But then I go online in Battlefield 4 and get shot by some 12 year-old that’s one pixel on my TV and I think, yeah, let’s go back to Nassau and breeze through that tailing mission.