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Sorry, did I say having a Mac mini server was boring? I was wrong. Thanks to OpenEmu it’s fun and exciting! And fun. With a Wii Remote and a Mac you can use the most beautiful, smooth, and functional multiple emulator system on the planet.

So... beautiful...

Yeah, it looks like Plex and iTunes had a baby. But it’s a native Mac app and centralizes a dozen different classic systems. There’s fullscreen support and good performance and no lag! Even the preferences menu is a joy to behold. I’m overwhelmed.

But, as per open source tradition, getting things to work takes some digital elbow grease. For instance, I wish I had these instructions while trying to get my Wii Remote working.

  1. Download WJoy 0.7.1 and drop it in your Applications folder
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your Mac
  3. Run WJoy. It should drop an icon in your menu bar.
  4. Click that icon and select One-Button-Click-Configuration and Autostart (assuming you want it to run on startup)
  5. With your Wii Remote nearby, click Begin Discovery
  6. Hold down the 1 & 2 buttons on your Wii Remote for about a second
  7. Your Wii Remote will vibrate briefly when it’s paired with your Mac
  8. Go into OpenEmu’s preferences and select the Controls tab
  9. Choose your system, then change the Input dropdown at the bottom to your funky Wii Remote’s unique ID. Don’t use the “Add a Wiimote‚Ķ” option, WJoy handles that.

Now this is what I want from a games console.