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Yesterday a GameStop employee called to check on my Xbox One preorder. Apparently I could trade in hardware for 90% more credit towards a next generation system. This is obviously intended for people ditching their Xbox 360s, but I’m holding on to mine.

What else could I trade in? I came up with an answer pretty quickly: my 3DS XL. Cue dramatic thunderclap, right?

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf was fun, but I’m done with it and the thought of my town choking in weeds doesn’t make me excited to return.
  • I got bored with Pokemon X after the second gym. I didn’t want to catch ’em all, and the management options for my critters are unsatisfactory. I heard something about “trays” of Pokemon, where you could store a set of six with a specific theme and swap them in and out seamlessly, but I could never find the feature (assuming it exists). As someone who prefers story in my games, the anemic plot and awful characters don’t make me want to see what happens next. Let me guess, we stop the bad guys by defeating them in Pokemon battles and then they stop their evil plan, but stylishly? Barf.
  • A new Zelda is coming out next week, a pseudo-remake/sequel of Link to the Past. Not interested. I loved Link to the Past, but I’m tired of the Zelda formula and turning Link’s house into a Rent-to-Own weapons shop feels tacky.
  • Mario Kart and Smash Brothers are coming, but they’ll be on the Wii U (currently a dust storage unit).

For all this negativity I’m actually excited about the next generation. I almost bought a PS4 from Amazon last night, which I would use to play… uh, Killzone Shadow Fall and Resogun. And then nothing for the next five months.