Blog / Hyrule Warriors

Thoughts while watching the trailer for Hyrule Warriors:

  1. Oh look, it’s Hyrule Castle and Link! I guess there’s another Zelda game incoming?
  2. Graphics are kind of shoddy, so it’s not the new Wii U Zelda game from that tech demo. Are they remaking Zelda 64? Again?
  3. Holy crap, Link’s fighting an army of… whatever the hell those are. This kind of seems like that other game, whatchacallit…
  4. Dynasty Warriors! Did someone make a mod for that game with Link? Nice job if so. Got the 3D models and the sounds right and everything.
  5. Huh. I saw Link go straight through that fire, and a bad guy just appeared out of nowhere. Guess this isn’t pre-rendered, they would have fixed that.
  6. This looks way too badass for Link. Nintendo doesn’t make games that are just about killing.
  7. They’re calling it “Hyrule Warriors?” Pfft. Duh, of course the name isn’t final, because Nintendo’s going to sue them into the ground.
  8. Hah, they put in a Wii U ad at the end like a real Nintendo commercial. Ha ha haaa…
  9. Ah. Is this on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel?

Oh good grief it’s real.