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I’ve been getting farther into Forza 5 and… wait, that sounds weird. Forza isn’t a game through which you progress. It’s just a giant pool of race events from which you pick, in any order, at your leisure. Kind of drowns the motivation. But they do a good job of gating cars behind paywalls full of either in-game cash or real world moolah. I don’t particularly mind as I play Forza to get deep knowledge of the few number of cars and tracks my brain will hold. There’s no one car that I’ve just gotta have.

I know this sounds weird but I kind of want to have sex with you

Except maybe the LaFerrari, which I drove this afternoon. Now that’s how I define a supercar: incredibly fast, incredibly sexy, incredibly responsive. I was driving sideways and yet totally in control. Took it around the Alps at 200mph and nearly unhinged the passenger door. Wooh, what a rush!

For two laps. Then my brain slowly figured out how the Free Play part of Forza 5 works. Hint, my fellow gear heads: this is where the endurance races are hiding. Pick a car from your garage, go into Game Options, and set the number of laps to whatever you want. You’ll get credits and XP at the end proportional to the number of laps you select. I think. Five laps got me 10,000 credits before bonuses. I was groaning about the lackluster campaign and its short races, but with this I can make my own race days. Do a 40 lap monster through Cataluna and actually have to pit for once!

Yes, I’m one of those crazy people who loves running the same track over and over and no… clearly the medication isn’t working.