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Had my first full weekend of Battlefield 4 multiplayer. In some way it reminds me of EVE Online: there are dozens of upgrades for each gun, dozens of guns, and a handful of vehicles with their own upgrade trees. The amount of choice is overwhelming and you peck at this gigantic tree with your tiny beak. While the opposing team pecks at your head with their guns.

I’m already a week late to Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One, and who knows how many years late on playing Battlefield in general. I tend not to check the tops of rocks for campers. I don’t expect to find a sniper hunting me from the top of a 30-story skyscraper. I’m disoriented in a tank and hopeless steering a helicopter. To my credit I don’t even try to fly.

My preferred game mode is Rush, where I can lose faster. In my experience it’s rare that the attackers take out all the objectives, so being a defender gives me a good chance of victory. On offense I’m trying to learn where the holes can be made in the terrain so my grenade launcher and I can be of use before I die.

Like when somebody backstabs me to get my dogtags and I chuckle, “enjoy the generic tags you jerk!”