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Things I love:

  • Video games
  • Playing video games
  • Other people watching me play video games
  • Um…
  • Profit

Friday nights in Tallahassee had a predictable rhythm for a while: go to dinner with friends then retire to my apartment and play the latest cinematic video game together, be it Uncharted or God of War or LA Noire. Now that I’m hiding in a cave in Kirkland that’s not an option, but I sometimes get hints of that opportunity.

How could someone capitalize on the people who don’t really like playing video games, but can live vicariously through the player, enjoying Uncharted’s witty dialog or God of War’s bloody history or LA Noire’s tricky investigations? This wouldn’t really be appropriate in a bar, or really any sort of dedicated establishment.

Why not a movie theater? The local Cinebarre plays indie short films before the trailers (no commercials, bless their hearts), so why not have some kid doing a master run of Uncharted to entertain the locals? If there aren’t enough films to fill the screens, you could have one screen dedicated to gameplay for people cooling their heels.

Just a thought.