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Node thank you

People who work with Node.js could tell you what’s actually wrong with the language. I can only complain about the surface-level issues. But here’s a big one: starting a Node server (and its inevitable Mongo database) is a pain in the butt.

Whereas it’s trivially easy to get a Ruby or PHP server running all the time through Apache, Node.js prefers to be started manually. I’m not happy with any of the daemons I’ve found to automate these things.

Luckily I have Automator.

Node Foreeever

Once you start poking around with Node.js, you want to run it all the time like an Apache site. Sitting at localhost:3000 feels so artificial. But the journey to a seamless Node site on Mac OS is as arduous as the quest to return the One Ring.

Spoiler: you’re Boromir.

Knockin' on Node's door

This weekend I helped a coworker with a Node Knockout 48 hour programming competition. It taught me two things: one, I do not have the constitution for programming marathons; and two, that specification documents are essential before starting programming. Oh, and something about Node.js I suppose.

I didn’t do anything on the Node side. Just some page styling and a tiny amount of front-end JavaScript hinting. But it was inspiring to see my compatriots bang out Facebook integration and a game engine over two days. Maximum cowboy coding but perfectly acceptable for a time-limited competition.