Jordan Roher (2015)

I’m Jordan Roher, an experienced front-end web developer and HTML 5 game programmer in Seattle, Washington. Looking for someone to design a modern UI, develop an Intranet, or write technical documents? I’m not available for full-time work, but I’d be happy to talk to you.

Get in touch

Email me at (my first name) @ or find me on Facebook.

My other sites

Technical is powered by Hugo and hosted on Dreamhost. It was designed in Adobe Photoshop, developed using Sublime Text, and built with Grunt.

Stylesheets are created in SASS/SCSS. JavaScript functionality is written in TypeScript. The headline font is Bitstream Vera Sans.

Home page icons are from Ego Icons.


The license for this site permits you to copy and adapt content provided you show attribution with a link to the home page.